Thursday, 3 April 2014

What's it all about?

I am a tinkerer in many things.  I rarely commit myself to something long term when it comes to hobbies.  The problem is that I seem to find interest in such a broad spectrum of geeky realms. I become a Jack of all Geek so to speak and master of none.  Gaming, both of the video and the board type have been explored and enjoyed.  They can branch out into their own little sub-genres like retro gaming which can then go down many rabbit holes, emulators ScummVM etc. I have done them all.

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beaglebone Black and the various hardware and software stuff you can get mixed up there with.  All are owned and all need to be explored further.  Programming and scripting are dabbled with, but never mastered.  Perhaps my approach is a reflection of my character, but I see it more as the opposite side of a coin that has the professional me on the reverse.  I am, by profession a Business Intelligence consultant who specialises in SAP BusinessObjects and data visualisation.  There I am bound by the constraints of the tools and client requirements.  Outside of work I am free to explore.

This will probably be a blog of many faces and is being created for my own purposes primarily.  I plan on using it as a journal of my adventures in Geekery and not necessarily to advise or announce.  I will however leave it public in the hope that people may stumble across it, find interest in the things I write about and perhaps point me in the direction of some new stones to look under.


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